Places to Meet Swinging Couples in Reno Nevada

Updated April 17, 2017

Swinging offers couples a chance to spice up their sex lives. If you are in a committed relationship in Reno, Nevada, and looking to mix it up, you can try swinging at several night clubs or with a swinging organisation. With weekly parties, you and your lover can meet other open-minded couples who are ready to swing.

Dilligas Saloon

Open seven days a week, Dillagas Saloon hosts couples parties every Friday and Saturday night. These "closed door" parties require a membership card, which can be purchased at the door or in advance, and a cover charge. Couples in their 20s to 30s are invited to mix and mingle in a cocktail party or club atmosphere. Friday night parties are for couples and select single men, while Saturday night parties are for couples and single women only. Single women are welcome on both nights.

Parties last until 2 a.m. Arrive before 10 p.m. and receive a discount at the door with your membership card. Women are encouraged to wear something "dressy or daring," while men are advised to "dress to impress." Visit its site in advance to learn about theme parties and brainstorm costume ideas for some extra fun. Respect is key at this swingers establishment. With bouncers working through the night, Dilligas Saloon is firm in its idea that "no means no," stating that "pushy people will not be tolerated."

Northern Nevada Traveling Swingers

Though not in a single place, this swingers group plans events across Northern Nevada for swinging members. For a swinging couple, this organisation offers excursions to places like Lake Tahoe and Temptation Resort in Cacun. In addition, the group rents out clubs across Reno like the liberal TEN99 for theme parties and various get-togethers. Swinging couples who belong to Northern Nevada Traveling Swingers make contact with other like-minded couples, as well as an entire community of people with similar interests.

Pokher-Knights Social Club

Pokher-Knights Social Club is a membership-based nightclub, open Friday and Saturday nights from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. Pokher-Knights features a spa room, full bar, buffet, professional DJ, eight lounge areas, four private rooms, an upstairs area for couples only, pool tables, dart boards, pinball, foosball, and dancing. With an average age of 30 to 50, Pokher-Knights has a casual dress code that excludes torn clothes, gang attire and hats. You can check in advance for information about theme parties for costume ideas from weekend to weekend. This club has a zero tolerance policy for pushiness; the staff at Pokher-Knights is ready to step in when conflict arises between guests.

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