Health benefits of compression support tights

Written by elizabeth falwell
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Health benefits of compression support tights
Compression support tights can reduce symptoms of a variety of conditions. (tights image by PinkShot from

Lebron James wears them. So does your grandmother. Compression support tights go beyond fashion; they have proven health benefits for those who wear them. These tights come in multiple different cuts and styles, including knee-high socks and full-coverage tights. No matter which style you choose, all are designed to reduce leg pain.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious medical condition affecting the circulatory system. It occurs when a blood clot forms deep within the body; it is most common in the veins of the legs or lower body. The clot can break away from the vein and enter the bloodstream. One of the biggest dangers of DVT is when the clot enters the lungs. If that happens, the clot will block blood flow in the lungs, resulting in a reduced flow of oxygen into the bloodstream. This is a condition known as pulmonary embolism, and it can be deadly.

Compression support tights help ease the risks of DVT. The tights work to improve blood flow in the legs, making it less likely that the blood will form a clot.

Health benefits of compression support tights
DVT most often occurs in the lower body, including the legs. (hanging legs image by Vladislav Gajic from

Varicose Veins

Compression support tights can also ease the aching caused by varicose veins. These are veins that become enlarged and gnarled over time due to pooling of blood and the pressure of standing and walking. They are most common in the legs.

While varicose veins can be unattractive, they can also lead to pain, muscle cramps, itching and skin ulcers. The last of those symptoms requires medical treatment from a doctor. But milder symptoms can be alleviated with compression support tights. The tights can reduce the pain and prevent the condition from worsening; however, the tights cannot cure or eliminate the varicose veins.


One of the side effects of pregnancy is swelling in the legs and feet. This condition usually presents in late pregnancy, typically the third trimester. It's caused by excess fluid in the legs. Blood flowing in the legs usually cleans out that excess fluid. Because so much of the body's blood supply is devoted to the growing foetus, it's more difficult for the bloodstream to remove that fluid in a pregnant woman.

Support compression tights can help to reduce some of that swelling. Pressure caused by the tights increases blood flow in the legs. In doing so, it reduces the excess fluid.

Health benefits of compression support tights
Painful swelling in the legs during pregancy can be reduced with compression tights. (pregnant image by AGphotographer from

In Sports

In recent years, many athletes have taken to wearing compression support tights on the playing field. This reason is twofold; first, the tights help reduce resistance; second, they improve circulation to the lower body.

Health benefits of compression support tights
Many athletes, including Lebron James, have used compression tights during competition. (basketball image by align caldwell from

General Use

Standing or walking for long periods of time can lead to leg pain. For most people, the solution is to take periodic sitting breaks, but for those who work on their feet--like nurses and corrections workers--this isn't always an option. Compression support tights worn during the work day can help improve blood flow to the legs. They can also reduce muscle fatigue and swelling.

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