High Hair Line Styles

Updated April 17, 2017

Men and women with high hairlines must take their face's shape into careful consideration when choosing a new hairstyle. High hairlines are set deep back on the forehead and, when not styled properly, can give the appearance of a receding hairline. There are many workable styles for high hairlines, most of which involve fully or partially covering forehead space.


If you're struggling for hairstyle ideas that will detract eyes away from a prominent forehead, the best tip to remember is always keep fringe. Look at your high hairline as an advantage---you can pull off basically any style of fringe. Full, thick, fringe bangs are excellent for complete forehead coverage while side-swept fringe work just as well for women who don't like traditional fringe.


Any style that features layers is typically perfect for those with a high hairline and prominent forehead. The layers create varying levels of depth and dimension to the hair which then draws the eye to the hair and its volume instead of the head. Side-swept fringe look particularly attractive on layered styles, making this an ideal style for women with large foreheads.


Men aren't usually concerned with a high hairline especially since this feature is associated with masculinity. There are, however, some cases where the look is extreme or the man simply feels uncomfortable with the way his current style makes the forehead look. The best option for men looking to avoid the look of a high hairline is to keep the hair longer. Try a style that's shorter on the sides with length and volume on top. This will help balance out the look and break up empty space on the forehead.


Women who have a high hairline should refrain from any styles that pull at the hairline. These styles include the common ponytail which, if worn often and tight enough, will recede the hairline even further. This problem is known as traction alopecia and it basically involves the fine hairs at the crown of the hair breaking off over time. Traction alopecia is a concern for all women but those with a high hairline already should take special care to avoid the problem. In addition, styles such as ponytails and buns, which draw the hair away from the face, leave the forehead exposed and turn it into a focal point. If you plan on wearing your hair back from your face often it's best to keep the style loose and with fringe covering the forehead partially or fully.

Surgical Option

Those who feel their high hairline is at the extreme and who can't find a style to perfectly suit them because of it do have a surgical option. A hairline lowering operation is performed which brings the hairline down roughly one inch. This does, of course, depend on having enough laxity (looseness) in the scalp from which the hairline can be stretched down. Once the procedure has been completed, a wider range of hairstyles is available. Women who have this operation done may want to keep fringe for awhile to mask any scarring or redness while the scalp heals.

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