Home remedies for fecal body odour

Updated April 17, 2017

Suffering from body odour, especially fecal body odour, can be traumatising for anyone. Body odour can cause a person to be self-conscious and even depressed if left unchecked. While visiting a doctor may be the only way for some people to cure body odour, there are a few home remedies that may decrease or eliminate body odour.

Remedies for Chronic Candidiasis

According to Body Odor Cures, Chronic Candidiasis is a fungal infection also known as yeast infection. While yeast infections are usually associated with women, men can also suffer from them. Fecal body odour is one effect of yeast infection and can be a sign of a larger problem. However, home remedies are also available to lessen the effects of Chronic Candidiasis. Body Odor Cures recommends using chlorophyll tablets and zinc, which have been known to help with body odour. The website does caution that the use of zinc should be balanced with copper supplements to avoid anaemia.

Home remedies

One basic home remedy for body odour is a paste made up of baking soda and lemon juice. According to Hub Pages, applying this solution to underarms and the bottoms of feet will reduce all body odour. Another solution to try is one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to eight ounces of water. Using this solution to wipe down smelly areas of the body destroys bacteria. Keeping sweaty areas dry, taking an extra shower and shaving body hair can also help manage body odour.

Herbal home remedies

Clinical Psychologist Michele Carelse advises that natural and holistic treatments are available for fecal body odour. Carelse says that a person can eliminate several different types of body odours by cleansing the entire gastrointestinal system. Carelse recommends herbs like Galium aperine and Milk Thistle as cleansing tonics that help support the liver and lymph system. Other herbs that help flush the colon include Cascara Sagrada, Plantago Psyllium and Althaea officinalis. Ingredients in homeopathic products such as Silica, Kalium phosphate and Calcium sulphate also help to maintain hygiene and freshness while detoxifying the body, Carelse said.

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