Birthday Gift Ideas for the Carpenter Dad

Updated April 17, 2017

If carpentry is your father's hobby or livelihood, you may already be thinking about buying a carpentry-related gift for his next birthday. However, he probably already has all of the tools that he needs. Celebrate your father's birthday while showing off your creativity by purchasing something he may have never considered.

A Share of the Candy Store

If your father is unable to make it through a weekend without a trip to a major hardware store, then maybe he should own the place. Buy your father a share of common stock in his favourite hardware store, and have the certificate professionally matted and framed. He will be both surprised and touched by this thoughtful gift.

Chocolate Tools

The candy industry knows that the average carpenter has an above-average sweet tooth. That's why they make miniature chocolates moulded in the shapes of common tools. Your father may own six different hammers, but how many of those are chocolate treats?

Tree Trimmings

If your carpenter father's birthday is around the Christmas holiday season, purchase a set of miniature tool-shaped ornaments for the tree. Dad will get a kick out of decorating the holiday tree with hammers, saws and screwdrivers.

Formal Wear

The stereotypical carpenter is less than fashion-savvy. If jeans and a flannel shirt are your father's idea of proper attire for a night out, consider purchasing him a nice suit as an upgrade. He can still display his passion for carpentry with a hammer-shaped tie clip or cuff links made from the heads of real screws.

Foot Spa

If your father does carpentry for a living, he may enjoy his job but care less about what the job does to his feet. For the father who spends all day standing up in heavy work boots, purchase a heated foot spa with massaging action. The rest and relaxation for his aching feet will put him in a better mood at night and prepare him for the next day of work.

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