Irish Maypole Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Maypoles are a part of Celtic Beltane celebrations. Poles are often made from cedar or birch and are constructed on the first day of May or the first Monday in May to symbolise fertility and celebrate spring. Celebrants dance around the pole, weaving colourful ribbons around it. Maypole crafts are a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Make Your Own Maypole

Use a paper towel roll as your Maypole. It can be painted, decorated, or left plain. Another option is to glue white tissue paper around the paper towel roll and use a brown marker to add lines around it to make it look like tree bark. Attach thin strips of crepe paper with tape to the inside edge of the roll allowing the paper to dangle.

Mini Maypole Craft Project

Download and print the pattern from Printables4Kids. The streamers should be different colours, and the daisies white with a yellow centre. Cut the pole out and roll it into a cylinder, gluing it along the edges. Decorate the pole with streamers and daisies and top the maypole with a fresh flower or a lollipop. This craft project makes a great place setting or springtime gift.

Painted Maypole

Wind several colourful ribbons around a broom handle and secure with tape. Place the broom handle in a metal bucket and surround it with dirt or rocks. Tie several long ribbons to the loop in the handle at the top. Decorate the inside of the bucket with flowers or colourful crepe paper. The children now have a life-size maypole to dance around.

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