Disney wedding theme table ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

To get married takes a lot of planning for the ceremony as well as the reception. From flowers to table linens to party favours to centrepieces, reception tables are an important part of any wedding. Having a Disney-themed wedding is a creative way to celebrate an important moment in life.

Romantic Moments

Choose several Disney movies. Each of these movies will be an individual theme for each table at the reception. Instead of numbering your tables, give each of your tables a name that goes with its corresponding theme. For example, a table that's decorated with items from "The Little Mermaid" might have the name "Sebastian." A table decorated like this might have an ocean-inspired centrepiece, like something straight out of the movie. Then the next table over might be Snow White inspired and have a name like "Prince Charming." and its centrepiece could be a basket of apples. Guests at this table might take home souvenir mirrors with the date of the wedding engraved on the back.

Fairy Tale

The theme that is probably the most popular out of the Disney ensemble is that of a fairy or princess wedding emulating that of Cinderella's. Tables can be decorated in a sheer fabric of shimmering blue, much like Cinderella's dress at the ball where she meets Prince Charming. Have the centrepieces of each table be large and tall with a floral arrangement in a tall vase or tall cylinders filled with floating candles, decorated with ribbon. Tables might also be decorated with rose petals and silver candelabras. Party favours might include ivory coin purses decorated with cubic zirconium, or a simple, small, silver picture frame with the date engraved on the back.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

For the classic Disney theme, decorate your tables in a Mickey and Minnie theme. Cover half the tables in red linens and half in white linens to reflect both of the character's signature outfits. Then set out black to continue with the theme. Have centrepieces be statues or figurines of Mickey and Minnie throughout the years. Each table should have a different figurine at their table. Red roses can also be set out as centrepieces. Dip strawberries into chocolate and add details to make them look like tuxedos for party favours. Or have Mickey-shaped cookies wrapped in cellophane bags. For something fun, have hidden Mickeys at each table and encourage guests to try to find all of them at their own table. For example make some of the buttons on the tuxedo strawberries resemble Mickey heads.

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