Short Rock Hairstyles for Men

Written by michelle renee
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Short Rock Hairstyles for Men
You don't have to be a rock star to have a rockin' hairstyle. (rock guitarist with an electric guitar image by shime from

Back when rock and roll was setting its roots in society, it was common to see rockers sporting long and unkempt "hippie" hairstyles. As rock music has evolved over the decades, hairstyles have as well. Today we see many male performers wearing shorter hairstyles. You don't have to be a rock star to pull off an extreme and edgy look. Many men's rock hairstyles can be achieved with minimal effort, and without a professional stylist.

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The Mohawk hairstyle is about as extreme as you can be when it comes to short rock hairstyles for men. Since the sides of the hair are shaved completely off, it's about as short as you can go as well. Shave the sides and back of your head bald leaving only a narrow strip of hair from the forehead to your neck to achieve this look. Allow your remaining hair to grow long, or trim it to short or medium lengths. Use a thick and sticky hair gel or glue to make your Mohawk stand up and fan out.

Short Rock Hairstyles for Men
The most extreme rock hairstyle is a Mohawk. (runner with mohawk image by jimcox40 from


The beaver haircut is a popular rendition of the Mohawk for guys who like the edgy rock-star look without appearing too extreme. This style also requires much less maintenance because shorter lengths allow the hair to stand up on its own. The beaver hairstyle differs from the Mohawk in that the centre strip of hair is a bit wider and is no more than an inch long. The back and sides are shaved in a typical Mohawk fashion.

Short Rock Hairstyles for Men
The beaver cut is a more subdued Mohawk style. (Punk Businessman with Laptop Computer image by Scott Griessel from


Spiked hair is practically a staple in the men's rock-and-roll fashion department; many of today's hottest performers are sporting spiky dos. Cut your hair short around the ears, leaving the top and sides about one to two inches long. Then cut the hair in short, choppy layers to add texture. Use a mousse or styling gel to finger-style the hair into small, spiky sections that stand up and away from the scalp.

Short Rock Hairstyles for Men
Short spiky hair is easily finger-styled with mousse or gel. (spiked head image by Tasosk from

Add Color

No matter which hairstyle you choose, a sure-fire way to take it to the extreme is to add a bit of colour. If you have dark, spiky hair, then bleach a few strands or tips to create blond highlights and a two-tone look. If your hair is naturally blond, then apply the same idea using black dye. For a more extreme and radical look, apply bright, vibrant colours of dye--like pink, green or blue--to lightened strands of hair.

Short Rock Hairstyles for Men
Add vibrant colours for a radical rock look. (man at pond image by Cora Reed from

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