Wispy Bob Hairstyles

Women who like neatly cut traditional haircuts but also admire a casual windblown look can have the best of both worlds with a wispy bob hairstyle. The old prim and proper bob haircut has taken on new variations with the evolution of styling techniques. Whether you prefer long or short hair, sophisticated or edgy styles, you can find a variety of wispy bob hairstyles from which to create your own individual style.

Curly Bob

Even if your hair is straight, a few sticky styling products and a curling iron can give your wispy bob a wild and exotic look. A jaw length bob styled with loose ringlets of curls surrounding your face can give fine--and otherwise thin looking--hair a fuller and more voluminous appearance. Leave the hair straight for about 3 inches from the roots downward and add spiral shaped curls throughout the bulk of your bob. Once your curls have cooled, finish by spraying a light mist of hairspray and running your fingers through to wisp out your locks.

Wispy Bob With Bangs

For ladies who like the wispy effect and would like to fully frame the face, a bob with fringe can produce an attractive, contemporary look. Whether your bob is long, medium length or short, fringe provide a younger, sophisticated style. Cut a thin layer of fringe at brow-level and trim the ends of the length on a subtle angle around the face to meet with your fringe. Thinning shears may be used on the ends to create pointy strands that accentuate your wispy new 'do.

Flippy Bob

For a really wispy look, try a flippy bob hairstyle. In this style--at any length--long, graduated layers are cut above the length of a traditional bob style. Use a round brush to blow dry from the root down and in an upward direction at the bottom. This will add just a touch of curl to the ends and "flip" your layers to create a totally wispy effect throughout the bulk of your hair.

Diagonal Bob

If you like an edgy style, one of the most radical and contemporary looks is a diagonally cut bob. Whether you have fringe or not, this style can be adapted to a bob haircut of any length. Hair is cut on extreme angles with the shortest point in the back over the neck becoming longer as it reaches the length of the sides closest to the face. The strands around the face end in a complete point and appear almost separated from the back sections, creating a wispy geometrical effect.

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