Tattoos for women that hide stomach stretch marks

Written by melissa sherrard | 13/05/2017
Tattoos for women that hide stomach stretch marks
There are several tattoo ideas appropriate for covering stretch marks on stomachs. (Needles in Stomach During Acupuncture Appointment image by nextrecord from

Women intent on covering stretch marks on their stomachs with tattoos will need to consult a tattoo artist and take the size, age and location of the area into consideration before deciding on appropriate subject matter for the piece. Light-coloured tattoos and pieces that feature fine line work, such as portraits or lettering, should be avoided, but there are still plenty of beautiful tattoo ideas available to women who want to cover stretch marks on their stomachs.


Traditional red roses, dark burgundy dahlias and other compositions of flowers are great choices for women trying to hide stretch marks on their stomach. Full-colour floral pieces can be customised to complement your skin tone and organic shape of your body while hiding unsightly stretch marks with bold colours and feminine detail. Simply choose your favourite flowers and consult a tattoo artist as to the best composition and colours to hide stretch marks on any area of your stomach.


Tribal tattoos are great for hiding stretch marks on stomachs, or any area of one's body, because they can easily be customised to cover the exact space someone wants worked on. Solid black or shaded symmetrical shapes can be modified to include almost any outline or image desired, and your tattoo artist will be able to advise you as to the best composition and shading style to hide stretch marks best.

Asian Panels

Traditional Asian panels or scenes are great for hiding stretch marks due to their large size and heavy use of black shading. Asian panel tattoos often tell a story about the piece's central figure, depending on its position, surrounding elements and colours. Dragons, koi fish or Asian deities in scenes that include maple leaves, waves, cherry blossoms and other elements of nature are popular, and the vibrant colours and sweeping imagery of these panels easily hide stretch marks and other blemishes of one's skin.

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