Sun & Moon Garden Gift Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Celestial or astral art and decor can add a touch of whimsy and colour to any garden. The marriage of the sun and moon symbolises the blending of day and night. Celestial plaques and garden decor make unique keepsakes and gifts because they are beautifully made and durable. Celestial garden gifts can range from stepping stones to sundials.

Celestial Glow in the Dark Stepping Stone

Made out of polyresin, the sun and moon plaque can be used as a stepping stone. By day it is beautiful garden decor, by night it is a glowing moon and stars.

Celestial Wind Chimes

Celestial wind chimes come in a variety of colours, sizes, and sounds. Celestial wind chimes usually include the sun, moon, and dangling stars. They can also be personalised and make great wedding gifts. Because wind chimes are so easy to construct, they also make a great homemade gift.

Celestial Birdhouses

Celestial birdhouses like those found at Bird Bath and Beyond are handcrafted and fully functional. They come with copper roofs and a sun and moon motif. Birdhouses can also be made at home from scratch and decorated with moons and suns.

Sun and Moon Sundial

Made from aluminium, the sun and moon sundial makes a great garden centrepiece. The base is a half moon and the gnomon (the triangular part that casts the shadow) crosses the sun's face. It includes instructions for proper settings.

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