Handmade wedding card ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you're attending the wedding of a relative or you simply enjoy crafting homemade cards, a handmade wedding card with a personalised verse doesn't require a lot of time and adds warmth to any gift. Find out what the wedding theme colours are and craft your card to match, or select details like flowers, trees or birds that represent the bride's taste.

Romantic Traditions

To craft a romantic traditional card, use cream-coloured card stock as a background and have pastel pink and metallic silver paper on hand for decorating. Choose the size of your card; 5 inches by 7 inches is an appropriate size and gives you ample space to write a personal message inside. Fold the cream paper in half and cut a slip of pink paper 2 to 3 inches thick. Glue across the front and in the centre. Open the inside and attach a piece of silver in almost the same size as the cream. Glue a white and black photograph of the happy couple on the front and a small silver bow to the upper left corner and allow to dry. Cut out a piece of cream paper big enough to suit your chosen message and glue it on top of the silver on the inside.

Eternity Begins in This Moment

Utilise various shades, patterns, textures and colours of scrapbook paper to craft an original, memorable wedding card. Depending on how large you'd like to make the card, select two or three pieces of paper. Decide which piece is going to be your primary design background. For example, if you choose a neutral beige and cream striped piece, fold the paper in half and set it aside. Have glue on hand, as well as rafia or ribbon and decorative wood or plastic flower or heart charms. Cut a strip of design 1 inch wide from a second piece of paper. Make sure the two patterns complement each other, glue the strip to the front cover and overlay with the phrase "Eternity Begins in This Moment" on cream paper. Attach flower charms with glue, allow to dry and write a message inside.

Rubber Stamps, Bright Colors and Nature

Rubber stamp your way to a memorable card that says you care. Have various stamps and coloured ink pads on hand for variety. This idea works well when matched with a nature theme. For example, adding a tree stamp in the centre of a lightly shaded golden piece of handmade gift wrap with leaves or flowers embedded into it implies the warmth of sunny days and innate gentle love of natural elements awaiting the bride and groom. If you choose to make this particular design, outline the front cover with a rich green rafia string border. Glue cream-coloured paper on the bottom half of the inside and use a brown thin-tipped marker to share your sentiment.

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