Gift Ideas for a Mother's 39th Birthday

Updated March 23, 2017

Birthdays are a great time to show your mom that you care, with your choice of gift. Be creative yet tasteful, because although "it's the thought that counts" may work when you are young, as you mature, so should your gift. Choose wisely to convey the love and respect you feel for your mom.

Use The Number

Make it a day of 39s for your mom. Buy a bouquet with 39 of her favourite flowers. Purchase 39 lottery tickets with combinations of the numbers three and nine. Blow up 39 balloons in her favourite colours and place 60p in each. Tie with a festive ribbon. Download 39 tunes to her iPod. Carry these ideas out only if mom is not sensitive about her age.

Give the Gift of You

Treat your mom to lunch, dinner, a comedy show, movie or opera. Give her 39 pennies, telling her what she means to you. Schedule and prepay for a complete spa day to pamper mom, and join her for the spa day. Give her several gift tokens of £25 each to her favourite clothing, book and make-up store. Go shopping at the mall with mom, followed by a movie.


Personalise your gifts to mom for her 39th birthday. Engrave her birthdate on a ring, heart-shaped locket or watch. Buy her earrings with jewels that match her eyes. Design and print a coffee table photo book of her (or you) from birth to now. Take her favourite picture of herself and digitise it for her computer screen. Most of all, let your mom know she remains special to you--at any age.

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