Armadillo Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Armadillos are small mammals related to rodents that are native to the Americas and appear to have an armoured body. If you are teaching children about armadillos, it can be more exciting for them to make a handmade armadillo craft project than to just simply hear about them.

Cardboard Armadillos

Children can create armadillos out of corrugated cardboard boxes or tubing by tearing off the top half of the cardboard. This will reveal the bumpy insides of the cardboard. Cut out an oval or circular shape from the box. Cut out leg, head and tail shapes. Glue on the legs, head and tail, and allow the glue to dry. Once dry, the children can paint the armadillo grey to resemble a real one.

Armadillo Bracelet

Children can make am armadillo bracelet out of a cardboard tube and small stones. Cut out a 3-inch loop section from the tube, then cut a slit into the loop to separate it. Cut out a head and tail shape from the excess tubing, and glue them onto either side of the cut loop. Glue the small stones all over the bracelet, which will resemble the scaly skin of the armadillo.

Armadillo Milk Carton

Children can create a whimsical armadillo out of a simple milk carton. Turn an empty, clean milk carton onto its side, and paint the entire carton grey to resemble the colour of a real armadillo. Use black paint to add the scaly details onto the sides of the carton, and to add eyes, a nose and a mouth onto the opening of the carton. Cut out a long triangle from construction paper and glue it onto the bottom of the carton to act as the tail.

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