Gift ideas for swimming coaches

Swim coaches work hard to increase the skill of their students. It takes hours of concentration each week to help students improve. There are many heartfelt gift options which will be meaningful to the swim coach, from swimming-related items to sentimental or unusual gifts.

Swim Basket

One large gift to give a swim coach is a swim basket. In this basket, place many different items that the coach can use. This gift can be expensive, so only use it for a long-time coach, or for a coach who helped a lot to improve the swimmer's skill. Fill the basket with towels, whistles, first aid equipment, goggles and any other tool that the coach frequently uses during practice and at swim meets.

Thank You Note

Since coaches tend to receive a lot of small gifts, usually swimming themed, it can be refreshing to give the coach something easy to store and not necessarily related to swimming. Writing a heartfelt note including the feelings that you have for the coach and the impact that he or she has had on your life is a touching gift that a coach will really appreciate.

Personalised Items

Another gift idea for coaches is personalised gifts. Anything monogrammed shows that thought was put into the purchase of the item. It is easy to personalise small items such as whistles, coaching trophies, towels, jackets, swim suits and any other items associated with swimming. Remember that monogramming takes time; purchase the gift at least six weeks before it is needed.

Unusual Gifts

Food baskets and wine are excellent gift choices for swimming coaches because they are unrelated to swimming and are consumable. Consider the taste of the coach and purchase an item he or she may enjoy. If the coach enjoys running, purchasing an insulated water bottle or a pedometer is a good choice.

Memory Scrapbook or Box

Another gift that a swim coach will enjoy is a scrapbook or memory box filled with pictures of the student and coach. Outlining the swim triumphs that the coach helped the student achieve will be a much-appreciated gift.

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