Features of a Hilti DX E72 Gun

Updated April 17, 2017

The Hilti company manufactures a variety of construction tools and supplies such as the Hilti DX E72. The DX E72 is a comfortable durable single-cartridge powder-actuated fastener tool designed for the forming of drywall fastener tracks and light electrical work, according to the Hilti website. Hilti began in Schaan, a principality of Lichtenstein, in 1941 and grew into a multinational corporation with plants around the globe. On October 16, 2009, Hilti opened its newest plant in Matamoros, Mexico.

Comfortable Versatility

The handheld lightweight DX E72 gun easily operates with a single hand. Hilti calls the DX E72 its most versatile single load .22 calibre powder actuated fastening tool. The DX E72 features a soft handle for operator comfort. Ease of use and light weight allow DX E72 gun operators to hold various construction materials with one free hand while firing a fastener to hold the object securely in place. This allows for one worker to accomplish jobs that usually require additional help. Small companies and one-man outfits may find the Hilti gun invaluable for drywall applications.

Durable Construction

The Hilti DX E72 fastener gun uses tough high-density polymer construction, states the Hilti website. High-density polymer plastics feature exceptional strength while maintaining low weight. High-density polymer typically has greater tensile strength than many other plastics. Though lightweight plastic, the DX E72 features a sleek tough blocky design with no unnecessary accoutrements. Operators need not fear catching sharp edges or exposed mechanics when using the Hilti fastener gun. The bright red and black colouring of the DX E72 stands out well and resists marking or discolouration.

Automatic Cartridge Ejection

The powder-actuated .22 calibre cartridges used in the Hilti DX E72 operate similar to those utilised in firearms. The Hilti gun fires fastener screws through wood and plaster surfaces similar to powder-actuated screw guns firing through concrete. Once fired the Hilti automatically ejects the spent cartridge allowing for easy reloading. While the DX E72 fires single cartridges only, Hilti offers several other fastener guns, such as the larger fully automatic DX 460 MX, offering magazines holding several cartridges at once. Hilti dealers carry additional DX E72 fastener cartridges.

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