Games to play to motivate sales reps

Written by nancy hayden
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Games to play to motivate sales reps
Motivating a sales team improves all aspects of a company. (good work team image by Leticia Wilson from

A great product doesn't mean much without a great sales team behind it. Successful companies know you must divide your energy between developing products and training your sales staff to market those products. One way to train and motivate sales reps is by playing games that will enhance their skills.


An icebreaker game sets the tone for the rest of the day and loosens everyone up. One such game is "Two Truths and One Lie."

The sales team is split into pairs. Each pair asks questions of one another, such as where they were born or their favourite food. Then each sales rep introduces her partner to the group, telling two true things she learnt and one outrageous lie. The group must determine which is the lie.

This game teaches the value of paying attention to what someone tells you. You might also learn how to determine when someone is not telling the truth.

Role Play

For role play, the sales reps stay in pairs of two. They take turns being the salesperson and the client. Players might be instructed to sell an actual product, even if it is as simple as an ice cream cone.

The person playing the client must throw roadblocks to a successful sale, such as asking endless questions or arguing about the price. The sales rep's job is to meet each obstacle with a positive response and not get distracted or discouraged. Afterward, everyone describes what he observed that might help during a sales pitch.


In the brainstorming game, the sales reps work together in teams of as few as two people or as many as eight or ten. The teams are given the suggestion of a product that has yet to be invented, such as a leash that walks a dog on its own.

Each team has 15 minutes to create an entire sales campaign for the product. They must name it, come up with a package design, a sales strategy and an advertising jingle. They can even decide which celebrity spokeperson should sell it. Each player must contribute an idea.

The teams then present their product to the group, answering questions and acting out the ads. After every product is presented, the group can vote on which one they would most want to buy.

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