The Most Popular Small Tattoos

Written by christy fix
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The Most Popular Small Tattoos
Small tattoos come in many styles. (Dessin sur bras image by Franck Honegger from

Tattoos are extremely popular, and small tattoos offer beginners an opportunity to promote the art on their bodies but with discreet expression. Expense, pain, tolerance and social roles play into the choice of tattoo, leading many consumers to go small and inconspicuous.

A majority of the people who decided to get small tattoos are women. However, there are several small styles popular among men as well. In all cases, it is best to choose wisely. Tattoos are permanent.


Stars are among the simplest of small tattoo choices. They can be simple or intricate, and in any colour. Stars are also stepping stones to bigger tattoos, as artists can grow the design in later sessions. Versatility makes this an outstanding option.


Flower tattoos, especially roses, are popular among women. Designs can be delicate or bold, realistic or abstract. Since flowers are often seen to have meaning, it is important to choose a flower design that is true to the person getting the tattoo.

Butterflies and Dragonflies

Butterflies and dragonflies are common small tattoos for women. They may be inked in combination with flowers, although this tends to make the tattoos larger. Butterflies may represent youthfulness, free spirit or the desire to soar.


Hearts are timeless symbols often chosen for small tattoos. While women tend to get more of these, some men will choose hearts with a loved one's name incorporated into the tattoo. This is a riskier approach, especially if the name belongs to someone the person is dating. That name is there forever, so it is highly recommended that people do not include a name. There are exceptions, however, such as including the name of a child or parent.


Tribal art tattoos are common among men and women. They can be tiny and easy to keep hidden beneath clotes. There are many styles of tribal art from around the world. It is best to determine whether there is a given meaning to any style of tribal art before getting inked.

Small Animals

Among small animals, lizards and tree frogs are popular choices. As long as an animal doesn't require much detail to be recognisable, almost any choice is possible on a small scale.

Logos and Emblems

Brand logos and superhero emblems are popular choices. This can be riskier than a simple design because fads come and go. Some are timeless, such as the Superman's 'S' crest. Choosing known brands can be a testament to an ideal. It can also lead to tattoo regret years later, especially if the company falls into disgrace in the public's eye.


Religious symbols and quotes can be a satisfying choice of tattoo. For someone truly devoted to their beliefs, this is a way to share it with other people. On the other hand, it may be a private choice, hidden from public view.

Oriental Characters

Chinese and Japanese characters area popular tattoo choice among men and women, but they must be chosen with great care. Many people have had tattoos turn out to have very different meanings than intended.

Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac symbols are generally considered to be safe choices for small tattoos. No one can change their date of birth, so their Zodiac symbols will always be correct. The important part is ensuring that the correct symbol is chosen before the tattoo artist begins.

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