Ideas to recycle liquor bottles to make money

Updated April 17, 2017

Recycling glass helps the environment and can create a way for you to make money. Re-using liquor bottles for artwork is another way to earn money. Local bars and pubs, and maybe even private clubs, are the best locations for acquiring bottles and pubs. If the owners knows that you are recycling or reusing them, they may have no trouble donating them. Whether you are recycling the glass or doing something creative, you are using glass that probably would have gone to a landfill.

Tumbled Glass Ideas

After collecting liquor bottles, they can be broken and tumbled in a rock tumbler to create tumbled or beach glass. Beach glass gets it's name from glass found on the beach that has been polished or tumbled by the ocean waves, rocks and sand. Tumbled glass can be sold to craftsmen or used to make your own craft items for sale. Some examples of items to make from tumbled glass are mosaics, bevelled and unbeveled jewellery, accents and embellishments for most items and decorative glass accents on glass art. Selling the items at craft fairs, in stores and on a website are a few of the ways to make money.

Glass Art Ideas

Cutting the recycled liquor bottles into shapes with glass cutters and dremel tools and fusing the pieces together to create glass art is a creative and profitable way to reuse liquor bottles. Fusing can be done by melting the glass together in a kiln or adhering the pieces together with glass epoxy. Creating stained glass pieces from recycled liquor bottles can become very interesting if you use the parts of the bottle that have writing or pictures. Glass art can be big or small. Some glass artists make huge, larger-than-life sculptures that are commissioned for museums and galleries.

Recycling Bottles

You can earn money by collecting empty clean glass liquor bottles and taking them to the nearest recycling centre. You must get permission from the bar, pub or restaurant that you would like to collect from and place a receptacle there for the empty bottles. Pick up the bottles from each business on a regular basis, separate the bottles by colour and deliver to the recycling centre.

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