Lone Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Written by sidney johns
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Lone Wolf Tattoo Ideas
The lone wolf is a symbol of strength and loyalty. (wolf image by NataV from Fotolia.com)

Selecting the right tattoo makes the difference between a life of enjoyment and regret. A tattoo with lasting meaning helps negate any bad feelings concerning a tattoo later in life. A symbol that represents the owner of the tattoo's inner self will retain its relevance. For the person displaying fierce loyalty, strength and the heart of a hunter, a lone wolf tattoo is a proper tattoo.

Just the Head

For the tattoo lover preferring high detail in a lone wolf tattoo, use only the head of the animal for the representation. The eyes and expression of the tattoo should represent the feeling the owner has toward his creation. A sad look on the face reflects an inner loneliness on the part of the owner. A fierce, snarling face shows an inner strength and willingness to stand and fight. The close-up nature of the tattoo allows the artist to include intricate details in the fur and facial features.

Bark at the Moon

The lone wolf is commonly represented as howling at the moon. These howls are considered calls of loneliness and a connection between the wolf and its surroundings. Use this perception as an option for a lone wolf tattoo. A full standing wolf placed sideways in front of a moon incorporates the concept. A sitting wolf, with its head raised in a howling position under a moon, offers the same concept with a small twist.


Incorporate the symbol of a lone wolf into a tattoo representing other important parts of your life. For a patriotic person, place a wolf head in front of a waving American flag. A motorcycle fanatic might choose a representation of his bike with a wolf incorporated onto the gas tank or even a cartoon-style wolf sitting on the seat. Include the wolf head in a totem-style tattoo with other animals that represent your personality.

Paw Prints

A lone wolf leaves a singular trail of tracks on the dirt. Away from the pack, the singular set of tracks indicates the animal is alone. Represent a lone wolf using its tracks. A large, single paw print is a simplistic representation. For a more artistic picture, the eyes, nose and mouth of the wolf are presented inside the areas of the paw. Use a set of paw print tracks up an arm or leg. Distinguish the prints with the addition of the claws and distinctive rounded triangle palm. Avoid cartoon prints as they are mistakable for dog or other animal prints.

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