Names of English Roses

Updated July 18, 2017

Roses remain a romantic gift on Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries. Roses grow in a variety of breeds which include the English rose. David Austin breeds English roses out of Shropshire, England, and has created over 20 new varieties. Unlike modern roses, English roses have a very fragrant smell. English roses also have specific climate requirements. Some of the English roses thrive in areas with cold winters, while others flourish in areas with mild winters.

Abraham Darby

David Austin bred the Abraham Darby rose in 1985. Austin created this apricot-coloured English rose by cross breeding the Aloha rose and the Yellow Cushion rose. The Abraham Darby can exceed heights of 5 feet. The inside of this breed of English rose often has a slight yellow colour throughout the interior of its petals.


The Evelyn breed of the English rose was created by David Austin in 1991. Austin created the Evelyn by cross breeding the Tamora rose with the Graham Thomas rose. The Evelyn has peach-coloured petals yet with direct sunlight the Evelyn can fade to white. The Evelyn English rose produces an aromatic fruity scent. The Evelyn stays under 3 1/2 when growing in England but can reach heights of 9 feet when grown in warmer climates such as California.

Graham Thomas

The Graham Thomas, bred in 1986 by David Austin, has amber-yellow-coloured petals. Austin cross bred the Charles Austin and the Ice Berg rose to create the Graham Thomas variety of English rose. The Graham Thomas rose produces a scent reminiscent to hot English tea. The Graham Thomas English rose variety can grow to heights of 10 feet depending on the climate.


The English rose variety called the Othello, created by David Austin in 1986, has a crimson red colour. Austin produced the Othello variety of English rose by crossing the Lilian Austin and The Squire breeds. At the peak of the Othello's growth, the blooms can reach a diameter of 6 inches. The Othello English rose climbs to heights of 12 feet as well as producing sharp thorns.

St. Swithun

The St. Swithun variety of English rose produces large pink flowers which can grow to 6 inches in diameter. David Austin first introduced the St. Swithun in 1993 and created this variety of English rose by cross breeding the Mary Rose, Chaucer, and Conrad Ferdinand Meyer varieties. The average height for the St. Swithun varies between 4 and 7 feet. The St. Swithun has a fruity fragrance which varies greatly from the traditional rose.

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