Ideas for White Knight Paving Paint

Updated February 21, 2017

White Knight Paving Paint is a heavy-duty paving paint, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Paving paint provides an affordable way to update and beautify a concrete floor, patio or other space without replacing it. Paving paint is also a highly customisable product, offering multiple ways to create the look of your choice.


One of the main drawbacks of a concrete floor or outdoor area is that the grey colour can make the space look drab and lifeless. White Knight's original paving paint is available in several shades and tints, while their Ultra Pave product is offered in 65 colours. Choose a colour that complements the surrounding buildings and landscaping.


Stencilling adds interest and texture to a plain concrete surface. Even if you have used a coloured paving paint, introducing a design will make your space more stylish and polished. Simply use spray paint to apply additional colours over your paving paint base coat. White Knight also offers a product called Squirts that delivers a fine spray of gloss enamel paint suitable for use with stencils. For a chic and elegant look, White Knight recommends painting concrete white and stencilling over it with a shade slightly off-white. If you're feeling bolder, try mixing bright colours, or black and white on red. Purchase stencils from a craft store or make your own from paper, tape or cardboard.

Slip Resistance

A semigloss finish can be slippery, especially when wet, so for safety reasons you may want to consider adding a slip resistant product to your paving paint. White Knight offers one called Pave and Deck Grip that can be applied under their paving paint or Ultra Pave to improve slip resistance. Paving paint has a semigloss finish with no slip resistance and Ultra Pave has some slip resistance built into the product.

Faux Paving

Use paving paint to recreate the look of pavers by choosing hues that replicate stone or brick and paint on grout lines to create a faux paving-stone area. Covering existing concrete with paving paint is less work, less wasteful and less expensive than tearing it up and rebuilding with pavers.

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