List of Stick Insects

Written by sarah dewitt ince
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List of Stick Insects
You will most likley see stick insects in wooded or lush regions. (Walking Stick 1 image by Tim Osborn from

Stick insects are found all throughout world, and according to the National Geographic website there are over 3,000 different stick bug species. The insect's stick-like exterior allows it to blend into the surroundings areas, and in doing so it often resembles twigs or even leaves. For instance, a green praying mantis can look like both sticks and leaves. Many stick insects are harmless creatures that eat local vegetation or smaller insects, and these bugs generally leave humans alone.

Peppermint Stick Insect

The peppermint stick insect, also called megacrania batesii, is a bluish-green stick bug found in Australia and other parts of the world. When bothered, this bug squirts out a white substance from its glands that has a peppermint-like smell. These insects have small wings, but are still not able to fly. These stick bugs enjoy climbing on trees and eating leaves. The peppermint stick bug grows three to four inches on average.

Spur Legged Phasmid

Spur legged phasmid, also called didymuria violescens, is another type of stick bug found around the world but especially in Australia. The females are bright green and the males are greenish brown. The females have small wings that are not developed enough for flight. However, male spur legged phasmids have fully developed wings that allow for flight. The males also have other, more distinctive features like thicker hind legs. These stick bugs grow to be two to three inches on average.

Timema Cristinae

Timema cristinae is a stick insect found in North America. This bug is often called the "walking stick" because it literally looks like twigs walking on branches. These bugs are hard to find when not moving, but you will notice timema cristinae in motion and become quite surprised because of the insect's strange appearance and large size; these mammoth insects can grow up to 13 inches long. These insects are brown or tan and some have tiny white or black spots that resemble the blemishes found in ordinary twigs.

Phobaeticus Kirbyi

The phobaeticus kirbyi is another stick bug found in North America and other parts of the world. According to National Geographic, this creature can grow up to 21 inches long and is one of the world's largest known insects. National Geographic also says that females are larger than males, and these stick bugs mimic the colours in their surroundings. Phobaeticus kirbyi can shift between green and brown depending on the surroundings, but some subspecies in this family display bold colours and stripes. These insects also have tiny wings that allow flight in short distances.

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