Games About Telling the Truth

Written by marie scribe
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When people go to a party, the first hour is sometimes awkward. If those at the party don't know one another, it may be hard to get people involved in conversation and festive revelry. A host or hostess might plan a party game to get the crowd mingling and to break the ice. Sometimes this involves a game about telling the truth. A few different variations exist, but most people are familiar with the popular game "truth or dare." Truth games can be altered to fit almost any age group and aid in helping people get to know one another.

Truth Or Dare

The game of "truth or dare" is usually played with a group of four or more people. Players should figure out who goes first. Whoever is chosen to go first will ask someone else in the group "truth or dare?" The person will then tell the questioner which choice he would like. If he chooses "truth," he must truthfully answer a question. If he chooses dare, he will get asked to do something, and he must do it to move on. Once the questioner completes the turn, play continues with the next person.

Two Truths and a Lie

To play "two truths and a lie," everyone sits in a circle. Each participant prepares three declarations, two that are truthful and one that is a lie. The order of the participants is chosen randomly for sharing of their three statements. According to Group Games, the objective of this game is to decide which of the three declarations is a lie. An example looks like this: "I have three sisters, my middle name is Shirley, and I went to college in Idaho." The more the people in the room know about you, the harder the game gets.

I've Never

"I've Never" is a board game that comes in an adult version as well as a family version. You can purchase it on the web or in most large department stores. The adult version has been featured on the George Lopez Show, Jersey Shore, and in Playboy and other media outlets. According to the website, it is the "best drinking game ever," and the best ice-breaking game for a party. It is perfect for a large group. Each player rolls the die. The roller then moves her playing piece accordingly. The space she lands on will have instructions to take a drink, take a shot, sing a rap song or other hilarious things. Every few spaces, players must draw a card that will say something like, "I've never stolen anything" or "I've never called in sick to work when I was at the beach." The answer to the question determines what players must do to move on.

Truth Be Told

"Truth Be Told" is another board game. Each round, one person must act as the host. He will play a question card. An example of the question might be "Truth be told, my favourite type of soda is_." The host writes a truthful answer like "cola." All the other players act as the host and write answers that are not true like "grape soda." The host then collects all the cards and reads the answers out loud. The players then try to guess which one of the answers is the truth. Fake answers still get some points, so you can still win if you get them wrong.

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