Board Games for the Blind

Written by julia kitlinski-hong | 13/05/2017
Board Games for the Blind
A wide variety of classic board games can now be enjoyed by the blind due to the addition of Braille on boards and game pieces. (draughts image by Paul Moore from

Many classic board games have been adapted so that visually impaired and blind individuals can enjoy them. With the help of Braille, the board games are user-friendly for the blind, and best of all can be played with friends regardless of whether the other players require special aids.


Blind and vision-impaired people can enjoy the beloved property trading game "Monopoly" thanks to a Braille board, cards, dice and instructions. The cards and board are printed in large print to accommodate individuals who are visually impaired. The game has an overlay sitting on top of the board that allows players to recognise the spaces and designated areas for properties.

Deluxe Braille Scrabble

This version of the classic word-savvy game is user-friendly for the blind with Braille on all of the letter tiles and a raised board that defines the boundaries for each letter space. Instructions in Braille and an audio tape are also included. For vision-impaired people, large print is on all the tiles and the game board as well.

Large Tabletop Chess Set

This oversized portable chess board gives you the option to bring it along on trips or enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Bumps on the top of all the white chest pieces separate them from the black pieces. The black squares are slightly raised on the board so players can differentiate them from the white squares. All of the squares have a hole to securely stick in the pieces (which all come with a wooden peg on the bottom). This special feature makes it very travel-friendly. The table top chest game comes with two conveniently attached drawers underneath the board that can be used for separate storage of the pieces.

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