Things Made of Deer Antlers

Updated November 21, 2016

Hunters often mount the heads or antlers of deer they have killed, but there are other ways to display your trophies. Use the deer antlers to make a variety of different objects. Deer antler items are also a good idea for decorating a rustic cabin or country home or as gifts for a hunter.

Coat Hook

Deer antlers can be fashioned into hooks for hanging coats, hats or even key chains. Most deer antlers have a natural curve to them, so that's why they work well. Cut several antlers just above the curve. Attach the pieces to a block of wood and the coat hooks are made. This would be a great addition to a hunting cabin.


Deer antler chandeliers often adorn the dining rooms and other areas of large hunting cabins. These lighting fixtures typically use many sets of antlers that are interwoven in the chandelier and surrounding the lights. A chandelier made with deer antlers is a good way to mix a rustic, country element with a more sophisticated look.


If you are looking for a smaller lighting fixture than the deer antler chandelier, try a lamp. The antlers will serve as the base of the lamp. Several deer antlers are typically used for these lamps to ensure stability. Try using deer antler lamps on the side tables of bedrooms in a hunting cabin, or in the bedroom of a boy who enjoys hunting.

Knife Handles

Another popular use for deer antlers is to make knife handles. Deer antler knives make great gifts for people who enjoy hunting and the outdoors. Knives made with antlers can be very small, or quite large, depending on what you prefer.

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