Penguin Sock Crafts for Kids

Written by kelly smith
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Penguin Sock Crafts for Kids
Penguin crafts bring these comical-looking creatures to life. (penguin image by Tijara Images from

"Happy Feet," "Surf's Up" and the "Madagascar" movies have popularised penguins. They are often portrayed as friendly, waddling creatures, and their densely packed black and white feathers are likened to tuxedo suits. Penguin sock crafts bring the animals close to home. Many of the materials the projects require are common household items, such as socks and empty toilet paper rolls.


Gather an adult-sized white tube sock, rubber bands, craft foam, googly eyes and stuffing. Take the sock and place it flat with heel in the front facing up and the opening on top. Put in stuffing. Stick a finger in two sides below where the head will be and put a rubber band around each rolled-up ball to create hands. Put another rubber band above the hands to create a neck and another rubber band above the neck ball to make a head. Paint the back, head and arms black with fabric paint. Cover the top of the head with a cosy hat and pom made with a child-sized sock by putting a rubber band on top, cutting fringe and folding the cuff up. Glue on eyes, a triangle for a nose and feet made with craft foam.


Use an empty toilet paper tube and cut cardboard circles or foil to cover one end. Pour rice or raw lentils inside the tube and cover the other side. Take a child-sized sock (toddler-sized tube socks work well), and place the sock over the tube. Paint the sock black with marker or fabric paint on one side, leaving a white oval in the front, and let it dry. Use felt for the feet, wings and nose. Add googly eyes. Decorate the rainmaker with a child-sized sock hat and scarf using a scrap cut from the bottom of the sock. Shake the penguin to hear rice or lentils falling inside like the sound of rain.

Wobbly Penguin

Make a wobbly penguin using an empty soda or water bottle. Cut a little door in the back that' big enough so you can put a fist-sized ball of clay in the bottom of the bottle. Pull an adult-sized tube sock up over the bottle and put a rubber band at the top. Cut teardrop shapes from black felt for the wings on each side and glue them on. Glue on a red laundry bottle top for a hat, and cut a red felt bow tie to match. Use a red marker to make rosy cheeks on the wobbly penguin. As an alternative, tie the sock at the neck of the bottle, leaving the top exposed. Cut the overlapping sock into fringe for a fancy scarf. Paint a styrofoam ball black and place it on top of the bottle for the head.


Take an adult-sized black tube sock with the heel up. Cut out an oval shape out of white felt for the tummy and cut teardrop shapes from white and black felt for the wings. Glue the black and white felt wings together before gluing them to the sides of the sock. Cut out yellow feet. For a girl penguin, glue on coloured yarn and add a coloured bow on top. Glue on a black bow tie or add a child-sized sock on the top of the adult-sized sock for a hat. Use several socks for a kids' party project.

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