The worst dogs for allergy sufferers

Written by hazel baker | 13/05/2017
The worst dogs for allergy sufferers
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People who love dogs but are allergic to their dander or saliva must be careful when choosing a dog as a pet, since many breeds of dog can aggravate or worsen these allergies. While there are several breeds of dog that produce less dander and less saliva then others, there are also dogs that have a tendency to shed excessively, produce more dander, and to drool, and should be avoided by allergy sufferers.

Skin Fold Breeds

Dogs that have skin folds on their faces and bodies, such as basset hounds, Pekinese, bull dogs, pugs and blood hounds, to name a few, are not good for allergy sufferers since they have more skin and naturally produce more dander as well.

Hound Breeds

Coonhounds, beagles, Irish wolfhounds, daschunds, whippets, greyhounds, and other breeds in the “hound” category are constantly renewing or shedding their skin, and produce a lot of dander on a daily basis, making them a bad choice for people with dander allergies and sensitivities.

Drooling Dog Breeds

All dogs drool, but some drool more than others. For people with allergies, this can create a problem. Dog breeds with a tendency to drool excessively include bulldogs, boxers, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, and rotweillers.

Double Coated Breeds

Some dogs, particularly those bred for hunting in cold, wet environments, are double coated, which provides them with insulation and warmth. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, this double coat translates into double shedding and double the amount of dander. Dogs with double coats include Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Irish setters, sheep dogs, corgis, and cocker spaniels.

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