Different Colors of Lilac Trees

Updated February 21, 2017

Offering profuse, colourful, and fragrant blooms each spring, lilacs add early cheer to the landscape. Both shrub form lilacs and those that grow either naturally into a tree form or that are grafted onto tree stock can be called lilac trees. Flower colours including white, blue, dark purple, lavender, and pink give creative gardeners many choices for enhancing their home landscapes.

Deep Purple

The New Hampshire Governor's Lilac and Wildflower Commission points out that the Pocahontas lilac blooms early in spring with single, dark purple blossoms. The Monge variety also bears single, early blooming flowers in a deep hue of purple. Dark purple lilacs that sport double blooms include the Charles Joly and Adeleide Dunbar varieties.

Lilac Purple or Lavender

Purple or lavender coloured lilacs include the Common Purple lilac and the Dwarf Korean lilac, which can be found as a shrub or grafted onto tree stock. The Miss Kim lilac may also be grafted or in shrub form. The Lilac Sunday lilac features graceful, arching branches; and Sensation offers medium purple flowers edged in white.


Ray Wiegand's Nursery notes that the James MacFarlane lilac blooms in late spring and early summer with bright pink flowers, while Katherine Havemeyer blooms abundantly in spring in a softer shade of pink. Agri-Forest Biotechnologies points out that the Montaigne variety of lilac tree blooms in a mauve-pink, and emits a sugary fragrance.


White lilac flowers stand out boldly against the deep green foliage of lilac trees. The Common White lilac is readily available in most nurseries. And Ivory Silk is a white-flowering lilac that can be found in shrub and tree form. The Ivory Silk lilac is known for blooming even when the plant is young. The Beauty of Moscow lilac starts with vaguely pink buds that open to pure white.


Some lilac tree flower colours tend towards blue. The President Grevy variety of lilac blooms in spring or summer with double blossoms in blue, according to Ray Wiegand's Nursery. The Wedgewood Blue lilac has single blossoms in blue that begin as pink buds, according to Agri-Forest Biotechnologies.

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