Army jobs that don't deploy

Updated March 23, 2017

Army Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) are jobs offered to enlisted soldiers. These specialities divide into different categories. The division is according to speciality, such as field artillery, air defence, transportation, maintenance, explosives and ammunition and many more. Most of the jobs available require deployment of soldiers to other places--often dangerous places. However, there are also some jobs that do not involve deployment.

Multimedia Illustrator

The Army needs to provide the soldiers training manuals, event reports, newspapers and other materials that they use for training or gathering information. These promotional materials use graphic artwork as a means of relaying information. It is the job of a multimedia illustrator to produce drawings and other visual displays the Army needs. Other duties of a multimedia illustrator include supervising and planning the production of documents and visual displays, operating imaging equipment, producing computer-generated graphics and creating illustrations of maps, posters, graphs and other items to use for combat support. The Army looks for multimedia illustrators who have a good eye for detail, are neat and have an interest in art and the ability to carry out visions.

Special Band Member

Musicians have an important role in the Army. Army bands perform during Army ceremonies and important events, concerts, festivals and dances. As special band members, soldiers perform in various musical ensembles. Responsibilities of a special band member include performing in civilian ceremonies, rehearsing new types of music and ensuring maintenance of the instruments. To qualify for a position as a special band member, soldiers must possess excellent music sight-reading skills and pass the auditions. Other qualities the Army is looking for include poise when performing, ability to play different kinds of instruments and passion for music. Knowledge of music theory and harmony is also helpful.

Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists are responsible for providing the Army with soldiers who are qualified for the job. It is the duty of the human resources specialist to provide support to the different divisions of the Army. Daily duties include preparing orders and request for orders, managing accounting, putting together strength and management reports, preparing recommendations for awards for special ceremonies, conducting evaluations and maintaining records of all enlisted personnel. Training for the job includes basic typing skills, learning how to prepare correspondence forms and how to update and retrieve information on the computer. Some special skills that will help in this area of speciality include proficiency in English, speech and business administration, the ability to follow instructions to the letter and a passion for working with others.

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