Types of Field Grass

If you are planning a on growing a field of grass for golf or baseball, for grazing of farm animals, or simply as part of your landscaping plans, choosing the right type of grass is quite important. Types of grass vary in terms of colour, thickness, growth rate, tolerance to various weather conditions and texture.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is the most common type of grass grown in the southern United States and is perfect for warm, dry climates, although new frost-resistant varieties of Bermuda grass can be grown in areas with colder weather. Bermuda grass is ideal for those looking to grow thick, lush fields, perfect for recreation and turfs of all kinds. Bermuda grass is often seen in parks, golf courses, and various other public recreation and sport fields. Common varieties of Bermuda grass include Mohawk, Yukon and Sahara, each of which vary in climate tolerance and texture.


Bluegrass is a variety of field grass that grows naturally in the northern United States and southern Canada. Bluegrass is know for its beautiful appearance. Those looking for a field of vibrant green blades would likely be happy with bluegrass. While Kentucky bluegrass is the most common variety of this type of field grass, yard enthusiast are known to mix and blend varieties of bluegrass to obtain different colours and textures. Popular varieties of bluegrass include Midnight, Ken Blue and BlueRidge. Bluegrass often takes longer to sprout and grow to full potential than other types of field grass.

Wallaby Grass

Wallaby grass is native to Australia but can be found in many nutrient poor fields around the world. Wallaby grass typically grows in long bushels, often with fluffy white tops. Wallaby grass is somewhat wild in appearance, but can be grown in nearly any climate and soil type, with a high resistance to frost and heat. This type of field grass does not require much upkeep and will simply grow like a weed in most conditions where sunlight is prolific.

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