Choppy Neck Length Hairstyles

Updated February 21, 2017

A new hairstyle is a way for women to feel fresh and sassy. Getting a new haircut, or a new hair colour, can completely change the way that you look and feel. If you are looking for something new, consider cutting your hair up to a shorter, neck length. Of course, if your hair is shorter then that, you will have to spend a bit of time growing it to that length. Choppy layers in neck length hairstyles give it movement and make it easier to style.


To create a piecey and choppy look in neck length hair, cut layers into your hair. They should be all types of layers, not just long ones. Using pomade and styling wax, style your hair once it's dry. Apply it to pieces and layers and pull the strands out and move them around. Make them stick up and out if you like.


A mid-length bob looks great when cut to be smooth and sleek, or choppy and wild. You can choose from a bob that standard, meaning similar in length in front and in back, or a graduated bob in which the back is shorter than the front. Cutting layers into the hair that breaks up the sleekness will give it a choppy, messy look.


Try a mid neck-length haircut that is asymmetrical. A graduated bob hairstyle with longer front pieces on one side is unusual and youthful. When getting your hair cut into this style, have the stylist cut the front of one side of your hair shorter than the other. As this is a messy hairstyle, it does not have to be perfectly polished and you can generally wash and go, with a bit of mousse or hairstyling lotion.

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