Crafts With Lollipop Sticks

Written by christi aldridge | 13/05/2017
Crafts With Lollipop Sticks
Lollipop sticks are full of craft possibilitis. (little boy from lollipop image by pershing from

Lollipop sticks can become chocolate suckers, homemade necklaces or a sweet, thoughtful present for a loved one. Plain lollipop sticks hold infinite crafting possibilities. You can purchase them at a hobby shop and cut them, colour them or glue them to create many types of crafts.

Chocolate Suckers

Make your own homemade chocolate suckers and give them to someone you love. Purchase heart-shaped lollipop moulds (or whatever shape you like) at a hobby store. Melt chocolate and pour into the moulds. Insert a lollipop stick and refrigerate until hard. Cover the lollipops with cling film and tie a wire twist or ribbon to keep it secure.

Sucker Necklaces

Create necklaces with dangling clay lollipops. Using two different colours of Fimo modelling compound, roll each colour to make long, thin strips of coloured clay. Wrap the two strips around each other to create one strip of intertwined clay. Then coil the strip starting at one end to create a large circle that looks like a lollipop top. Insert half of a lollipop stick into one side of the sucker to create a hole, then remove it. Insert a jewellery hook into the other end. Bake the Fimo lollipop as directions state. Once it has cooled, glue the stick into the hole you created, and thread the lollipop on to a chain to make a necklace.

Flower Lollipops

Use a hot glue gun to attach six chocolate kisses to a lollipop stick. Position them so the points all meet together and form a flower shape. Glue a fuzzy pom-pom in the centre of the kisses, then cut two leaves out of green construction paper. Glue them to the stick. Allow the glue to dry.

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