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Updated April 17, 2017

Etching out patterns and designs in the hair is an usual style where you can showcase your artistic expression through your haircut. The process occurs more often in men's styles where the hair is cut short either in its entirety, in small sections and patterns, or words are cut from the remaining hair using a shorter clipper blade. No matter if you're riding a trend wave or looking for a signature look, you can ask your barber to try his hand at carving out an artsy creation for you.


Like tattoos, getting your hair cut in a speciality design showcases your individuality and should be representative of you. Luckily a hare-brained mistake doesn't have to be a permanent showcase of a novice barber's shaky hand. Instead, try asking for a simple design for your first go-around like a star, overlapping circles or zig zags.

Shapes can often appear as abstract and in some cases do not have to have a perfect diameter. If your barber has the skills of a design master, try more complicated shapes such as animals, emblems, and for some, sports logos.


A pattern of lines may seem like an easy feat, however, if you're looking to wow onlookers, challenge your barber to multiple repeating lines in a variety of overlapping creations. Your lines can be straight, curved, or a combination. You can also choose designs where not every line is the same thickness, length, or width.

Lined patterns can wrap around your head or you can choose a side for a simple effect. Getting your barber to showcase their talents by designing a mirrored creation takes the idea of having a few lines cut from your hair to a more complicated level.


You can let your hair make a statement, literally. Carve out words, phrases and sentences in your hair design that represent your voice. Because the talent of clipping hair can be seen as an original art form, finding a barber who not only knows how to cut hair but make designs is a treat.

Online hair design forum features several inspirational designs including words written as graffiti and word art logos. Included in their design gallery for words are design ideas for words as symbols as illustrated by the use of other languages that use symbols that translate to words for other cultures.

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