List of personal assistant duties

Written by luanne kelchner | 13/05/2017
List of personal assistant duties
Personal assistants typically work for one executive or VIP. (Businessman and female assistant working on laptop image by Vladimir Melnik from

A personal assistant performs the tasks of an administrative assistant or executive secretary for one senior member of management staff in an organisation. Personal assistants may also work with a VIP or celebrity to manage day-to-day activities and events. The average annual salary for a personal assistant is £24,700 as of July 2010, according to


Personal assistants manage schedules to ensure that the busy executive or VIP arrives on time to meetings and events. Scheduling duties include booking events, making travel arrangements and managing daily meetings with other staff. An assistant updates the executive's electronic calendar or diary with current meeting times and details of the event. The personal assistant may attend meetings in place of the executive as his representative in some situations.


A personal assistant reads and responds to the correspondence that the executive receives. Assistants may possess the authority to sort through the correspondence and prioritise important information. A personal assistant handles the correspondence coming into the executive's office as well as the correspondence that is sent out. Assistants also take dictation and write business letters under the direction of the executive.


An executive may require his personal assistant to compile research on an upcoming event, travel destination, project or business entity. The personal assistant ensures that the executive is always prepared for meetings with the correct information and research to make sound business decisions.

Document Preparation

Some personal assistants participate in projects for their boss. This can include creating documents, spreadsheets or presentations that the executive uses to run his department.

Project Management

A personal assistant may be in charge of special projects and a team of staff members. The assistant directs the project and assigns duties to other staff members on the project. The assistant will create reports and keep the executive updated on the progress of the project. A personal assistant can also plan events for the executive that are personal in nature, such as parties or family events.

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