Bathroom window curtain ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Window treatments for bathroom windows should be selected to both complement the overall style of the bathroom and provide adequate privacy when the bathroom is in use. Though considerations such as humidity should play a role in selecting the curtain material, there are many style and design options for homeowners that want to make window treatments an integral piece of bathroom decor.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are well-suited for bathroom windows because they are not prone to mould or mildew and dry very quickly. Choose sheer fabrics like organza or voile for windows that face private yards; small windows placed above shoulder height or windows with frosted or tinted glass are also suitable for sheer treatments. Select sheer panels in light pastel colours to create an airy appearance; mint green and baby blue are subtle accompaniments to an ocean- or earth-themed bathroom. Contemporary bathrooms with dark granite countertops and grey slate floors are better paired with sheer panels in white, black or grey. To increase light blocking and privacy, layer two or three panels in various shades of the same colour. Avoid panels that hang more than three inches beyond the bottom pane to reduce unnecessary moisture absorption.

Swag and Valances

Many bathroom windows are smaller than the traditional three foot by four foot variety, so a little bit goes a long way in terms of swag and valances. Dress up a pair of simple neutral-coloured cotton curtains or pull-down blinds or shades with an elegant fabric swag. Choose a fabric in a deep burgundy or emerald for a bold statement or remain neutral with beige or yellow. Drape the fabric from the back over the curtain rod and then wrap it again in the middle of the rod, leaving some slack so that the fabric drapes. Finish by pulling the fabric back around the other end of the rod to create a simple one-point drape. Window valances that slide onto a curtain rod and hang a quarter of the way down the window are also options for dressing up a simple bathroom window treatment. Choose a valance in a nautical theme or simple geometric pattern to add a playful element to the space.


Combine several types of window treatments by pairing a set of curtains with shades, blinds or even interior shutters. A basic pull-down shade or blind offers the most privacy, but on their own these options can seem dull and simple. To add style to shades, purchase a set of small curtains that only offer coverage on the bottom half of the window. Another option for treating bathroom windows is to install a set of interior wooden shutter panels that close over the window to block light and add privacy. A simple white- or cream-coloured half-curtain complements the natural wood, while a navy or burgundy curtain in a sturdy fabric adds a modern element to an otherwise country design.

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