Colors to match red & brown in a bedroom

Updated December 12, 2017

Red and brown are warm colours that can be matched with others to create a rich, relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. These colours can appear boldly in rooms or provide accent colours. Red and brown can be used in many different types of decor from tropical to Asian motif.


Red and brown are dark colours that go naturally together, so adding white will brighten up the room. Depending on the shade of white you use, you can create different looks. A bright white will create an open, light atmosphere. Using a shade like eggshell white, however, can create an older antique-looking décor. You can vary your shades of brown and red as well to add more colours to your room.


While pink is not a colour you may typically think of going with red and brown, it can provide very nice accents around your room. For example, have a large vase in the room with pink and white flowers in it. This will add beauty and life to the room as well. Pink is like a light shade of red so it can tastefully be used with these colours.

Yellow and Gold

Yellow and gold complement colours like red and brown. Use a very dark, almost black, shade of brown and a deep red colour. Then add gold accents around your room. Antique finished furniture with gold paint will help create a room with classic Asian decor. Use very bold, rich shades of red and brown when using gold so it will stand out. If you choose to decorate with bold shades of yellow, select a shade of brown that is not so dark and a brighter red. Be careful when using a bold yellow in a bedroom; it is not a relaxing colour, so you should use it in small amounts.


A bright shade of orange works well with a red and brown colour scheme. As with yellow, make sure to use a very bright shade of orange so it will pop against the brown and will complement a bright shade of red. Orange is a bright colour that should not be used as a dominant colour in bedrooms, but it works well as an accent colour, perhaps in pillows or in a printed quilt or duvet cover.


Blue is a relaxing colour that brings a sense of calmness to a room. Blue and brown complement each other so you can use these in varying shades together. Add red as an accent with this colour scheme. For example, in a nautical-themed room, blue, brown and cream are common colours. Adding red will add a bright accent to the room.


Green and brown when combined can create a relaxing tropical atmosphere. They are both natural colours that can be used in light or dark shades together. As with blue, red provides a great accent colour in this type of décor. Put red tropical flowers around the room, or pictures of red plants. This will brighten up the room, but not so much that it takes away from the soothing aspect of it.

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