Bathroom beach theme decorating ideas

Just about everyone enjoys a trip to the beach. The blue sky, the warm sand and the bright sunshine create a relaxing environment. Design a beach themed bathroom to create a pleasant reminder of your trip to the ocean. With a few decorating elements and some beach themed accessories, you can create a bathroom with a seaside feel.


Using colour is key to creating a mood or theme when decorating a room. For a beach themed bathroom, painting the walls in a sky blue with white, tan or sand coloured accents will capture the colours of the beach. The accent rugs, hand towels and toilet cover can be similarly coloured to match the sky blue walls. Lastly, adding a border showing a beach scene will enhance your seaside decorating theme. If a border is not to your liking, colour alone can set the tone of the bathroom and create a calm, cool beach oasis.

Decorative Details

Adding a few decorative pieces to the bathroom will add to the beach theme and bring in the feel of the ocean. Placing seashells, dried starfish and small glass bowls with sand designs on a bathroom shelf, or even on the sink, are touches that contribute to the beach theme. Hang framed photos or art work depicting a beach scene on the walls. Place a candle in the room whose smell will remind you of the ocean. Find soaps in the shape of shells and sea animals to place in a soap dish or glass bowl on the sink.


Accessories such as a shower curtain, rubbish bin, toothbrush holder and soap dish are found in most bathrooms. For the beach themed bathroom, select a shower curtain showing a beach or choose colours such as light greens, blues and browns. The rubbish bin and sink accessories can also continue in the same colour scheme or you can look for those made of wood or rock, both natural materials found on a beach. Hang matching hand towels with a seashell border and install a light switch plate with a painted seashell, beach chair or other nautical image.

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