What are the duties of a care coordinator?

Written by bianca bumpres | 13/05/2017
What are the duties of a care coordinator?
Care coordinators help clients get the services they need. (doctors desk with sphygmomanometer image by Keith Frith from Fotolia.com)

A care coordinator coordinates individual care and resources for those who are mainly elderly, disabled or with chronic illnesses. These services may be provided to those home bound or being taken care of in a community facility. Care coordinators may hold a degree in health care administration or other administrative health care related fields. According to Salary.com, a managed care coordinator earned an average annual salary of £37,213 as of November 2009.

Case Management

The care coordinator has case management duties, planning and directing programs or activities for the individual. This means setting up services on a case-by-case basis. She may interview personnel providing services to ensure that the person in need receives adequate services. A care coordinator also records client information accurately and confidentially. She provides information to health care providers as needed or requested.


A care coordinator must ensure that his client and the client's family are well supported during their time of need. As the coordinator, he may encourage the family to participate in their family member's care to the greatest extent possible. He provides support methods for the family to establish and maintain. Care coordinators also provide support by acting as liaison between medical providers, resource agencies, and the client and family.


The case manager also evaluates how appropriate the care is for the client, how long care is needed and on what days and times care will be provided. A care coordinator may also evaluate the type of treatment the client may need. In some cases, care coordinators evaluate other staff or resources providing service.

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