Fun PE Games for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Physical education class encourages kids to be active with amusing games. It is important for children to value physical activity to combat childhood obesity. Successful PE games should include aerobic and cardiovascular exercise. Ball games help build teamwork skills as kids work together. In addition, games that involve sports help build kids’ coordination and self-confidence. PE games are enjoyable and they help improve children’s health.

Circle Soccer

Gather all of the children in a circle as they hold hands. Place a soccer ball in the centre of the circle. The kids must kick the ball around, keeping it inside the circle of people. There are penalties if the ball goes out of the circle. If the ball goes out of the circle between two people, both people are out. Close the circle up and play again. If the ball goes over someone’s head, the person who last kicked it is out. Close the circle and continue to play until there are one or two players left.

Octopus Tag

Choose one child to stand in the centre of the gymnasium and be the “tagger.” Line up all of the other children at the end of the boundary. The tagger says, “Go,” and all of the children must run past him to the other boundary. Whoever the tagger catches has to stay in the centre of the gym. However, the people who are caught have to sit down and only use their arms to help catch the other kids. The children continue to run past the octopus until only one player remains.


Spread four different colour Hula Hoops on the gymnasium floor. Instruct children to move around the floor without touching the hoops. Kids are only allowed to run, skip or crabwalk on the floor until the teacher yells “hoop!” The teacher should close her eyes as she counts to three. The kids have to find a Hula Hoop to stand in. With his eyes still closed, the teacher yells one of the colours, and everyone in that group is out. Play again and instruct children that they can only jump up and down around the floor until the teacher says, “Hoop!” Repeat the process again using another physical activity until all of the kids are eliminated.

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