Hairstyles For People Over 60

Updated February 21, 2017

People over 60 used to have two prominent hairstyles: short tight curls or long hair tied back in a bun. Now appropriate style options are limitless. Senior citizens can choose from trendy, conservative, traditional and temporary styles. People over 60 can have whatever look suits their hair type and personal style.

Bangs and Layers

As you age, your skin develops wrinkles and sags around your jaw, neck and brow bone. A hairstyle that helps camouflage these concerns is one with fringe of any length. The beauty of fringe is they cover your forehead wrinkles, distract from jowls and never go out of style. Lots of layers near your face also conceal ageing skin. Layered hair moves easily and falls effortlessly into place. It provides a softer look, which tones down any harsh facial lines.


The bob haircut is a timeless classic that is also very trendy. Some women prefer to wear it with fringe, while others like to keep theirs all one length. There are A-frame bobs, with the back hair slightly shorter than the front, chin-length bobs that frame your face and shoulder-length bobs. You have more options when you have a longer bob, and can tie your hair back or wear it in a braid.

Pixie Cut

If you have confidence and a fine bone structure, this haircut is perfect for you. A good pixie cut leaves your hair no longer than 3 inches long all around your head. The cut of your neck hair should be a little wispy, as should your face-framing hair. This softens the look and adds a feminine touch. Women with fine or thinning hair appreciate this cut because it disguises the thinning spots and provides lift and body to fine hair. It is easy to maintain and style. All you need are regular trims to keep the shape.

Bald is Beautiful

For men, bald is beautiful. As you age and your hair thins, do not consider doing the comb-over. This look only ages you. Instead of hiding your thin spots, shave your head and embrace your baldness. Being bald reduces your time in the shower, saves you money on hair-care products, and makes you look smart; at least that is what Mrs. Jake Garn, wife of Utah republican senator, believes. She thinks, “Bald men look more intelligent.”

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