Games to Play at a Ladies' Luncheon

If you are having a get-together with ladies who may not know each other well, such as a bridal luncheon or a club meeting, it may be helpful to have some party games or themes planned so you can break the ice.

Two Truths and a Lie

Each woman in the group prepares three statements about herself, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The guest reads the statements in a random order and the rest of the ladies vote on which is the truth and which is a lie. The guest then reveals which statement was a lie. Not only will your guests learn about each other, there is also room for humour in this game.

Autograph Bingo

This game takes planning. Create "bingo cards" with five rows and five columns with a fact about each lady in the boxes. Print out enough for all of the guests.The ladies will need to talk to each other to discover which fact belongs to each guest. Once they match up the lady to the fact, the guest will sign the bingo card in the appropriate box. The first guest to get one complete row yells "BINGO" and wins.

You Don't Say

This game usually works for a theme party, such as a bridal luncheon or birthday party. As the guests arrive, give them a necklace or a pin of sorts and explain that there are three words that they cannot say through the duration of the party. For instance, if it is a bridal luncheon, three words that are taboo would be Wedding, Dress and Cake. As the ladies mingle, should anyone say any of the taboo words, she must give up her necklace or pin to the person to which she said the word. The person with the most necklaces or pins at the end of the game wins.

Hawaiian Luau Theme

A luau is one of the most simple themes to pull off. A party game suggestion for a luau is a variation on musical chairs. Instead of chairs, place beach towels around the room, but not enough for all the players. Play Hawaiian music. When the music stops, anyone not seated on a beach towel is out of the game and another beach towel is removed. Continue until there is only one beach towel. The last person to claim the lone beach towel when the music stops wins.

Tea Party

There's nothing like a relaxing afternoon tea party with the ladies. Have your guests bring their favourite coffee mugs or teacups along with a story about why it's their favourite. It goes with the theme and it's also a way for the ladies to get to know each other.

Book Club Party

If it's your turn to host your monthly book club, turn it into a party. A game to mix things up could be a character matching game. Put up posters of popular books and give your guests sticky notes with the name of the book's characters. Have them match the sticky notes to the appropriate book poster. The person with the most correct answers wins.


Pick a theme; for example, movie titles. Write a bunch of movie titles on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Divide the partygoers into two teams. The first team has one member select a movie title from the bowl and communicate that move title to their team without talking. The team that guesses the most movie titles wins the game.

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