Examples of good resume titles

Updated November 21, 2016

Good resume titles will clue potential employers in on your skills, qualifications and job interests. Additionally, good resume titles are clearly stated and relate to the field of employment you are seeking. For example, use a title that is relevant to your career field and save your accomplishments and certifications for the body of your resume or your cover letter.

Experienced Educator

Teachers, instructors and tutors should title their resume with the header of "Educator" or "Experienced Educator" rather than "Teacher, Instructor or Tutor." The reason is that a potential employer may think you are only interested in those types of positions rather than an educator position. Using specific aspects of a broad career field will reduce the number of potential employers who are looking for those interested in being in an educator role instead of just a job as a tutor.

Customer Service Associate

Customer Service Associate is a good resume title for those who are interested in working in telecommunications and retail, as well as a help desk representative. Because there are so many jobs available to those who are experienced with providing good customer service it is beneficial to use a title that encompasses all the possible jobs connected with working directly with customers.

Skilled Laborer

Using the resume title of "Skilled Laborer" is more suitable that "General Laborer" or "Warehouse Worker." Because labourer positions can fall into a multitude of categories, this will tell a potential employer you are capable of working in several labour-oriented careers, such as warehouse work, cleaning and general maintenance.

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