Lost Sheep Activities

Updated July 18, 2017

In Jesus's parable about the lost sheep, a man has 100 sheep and can only account for 99 of them. Jesus asks listeners if we would not leave the 99 sheep together and go look for the lone lost one. Through crafts, games and other activities, children can learn compassion for others.

No Less Than 100

Write the number 100 on a few slips of paper. Tape some slips of paper under some of the chairs in the room and some under snack plates or cups. During the opening time of class, have the kids look under their chairs. Invite those who find the 100s to come forward and take prizes to everyone in the class. At snack time, have the kids check under their plates or cups. Again, the ones who find the number 100 will get to give small prizes to the entire group.


Read the verse from Luke 18:7 to the children. Have a surprise "rejoicing" party. Bring out a cake, party hats and prizes. Play party games and give out the prizes. Sing fun Sunday school songs. Stress the fact that the group is rejoicing because friends are all together.

Song and Craft Activity

Before doing the craft, teach children the first verse of the song "Amazing Grace." Stress the "I once was lost but now I am found" part. Give each child a CD. Kids can glue cotton or felt on the printed side of the CD to create a sheep's face. Glue felt ears, nose and craft eyes onto the face.

Give kids a strip of paper on which a memory verse or the verse from the song has been printed. Glue a strip onto the shiny side of the CD. Glue a loop of ribbon to hold or hang up the craft. Discuss the lost sheep in the parable, then have the kids look into the reflective side of the CD. Discuss how we can be "found" by God.

Stick-Together Room Border

Stress the part of the lost sheep parable where the man would leave the 99 sheep that weren't lost to go find the lost one. When friends stick together no one gets lost. Have each child decorate a sheep shape with craft materials. Put each child's name on a sheep. Tape all the sheep together in a line on the wall or on a notice board. Add a heading sign that says, "We stick together for God."

Sheep-Hunting Tools

Make binoculars to look for a lost sheep and a horn to call for the lost one. Tape two toilet-roll tubes together, side-by-side, to make binoculars. A paper-towel tube can become a horn. Decorate both hunting tools with cotton balls to look like sheep, or provide a variety of craft materials the kids can use to decorate their binoculars and horns.

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