Fun Office Games to Play

Written by nichelle coleman | 13/05/2017
Fun Office Games to Play
Who says work has to be all work? (Three office workers image by Vladimir Melnik from

Office games can be entertaining for bored employees who just want to help ease a stressful day. Many games can be played on employee breaks or during times when business is slow. Facilitators can even offer prizes, such as pens or notepads. The boss can even join in on the fun or be the facilitator.

Desk Robber

This game is a great way to discover the most observant employee in the office. One person is assigned the task of being the monitor. The monitor must take a brown paper bag and visit each participant’s desk. Each participant must place an item from his desk into the bag. The item should be unique and have been visible to the entire office, such as a picture of a child or a distinctive coffee mug. After all of the items have been gathered, the bag should be passed to each office employee who placed an item in the bag. Employees must choose an item from the bag, without looking and guess which desk the item was taken from. If the employee guesses correctly, they can choose another item. If the employee’s guess is incorrect, he must pass the bag to the next employee. The employee who guesses the most items is the winner.

Employee Facts

This game can be played and customised to play during holidays or during the holiday season. All participants are instructed to send an e-mail to one employee who is assigned to be the monitor. The employee must e-mail one interesting fact about themselves, such as “I visited London last year” or a holiday fact, such as “I dressed up as Santa at the Christmas party last year.” The monitor should combine all of the facts into one list and e-mail the list to all of the participants. The employees must attempt to guess which fact belongs to which employee. The employee who has the most correct matches is the winner.

Name Scramble

This game will test how well the employees know one another. Employees are instructed to write their full name on a piece of paper. The monitor must type the names into a numbered list and scramble them. A free online word scrambler can be used. After the names are scrambled, e-mail the list to the participants, who must unscramble the names and list the correct names of each employee. The employee who unscrambles the most names is the winner.


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