Martini Glass Centerpiece Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

With their angular shapes and tall, elegant stems, martini glasses make eye-catching table centrepieces. You can purchase martini glasses in all sizes, and using them in your dinner or wedding centrepieces will create visual variety among your place settings. There are many opportunities for getting creative when you use martini glasses in your centrepieces.


Purchase large martini glasses and fill them halfway with water. Then set floating tea light candles onto the water and light them. The martini glass will pick up glints from the candle flame, and the display won't take up too much space on the table. You may choose to decorate the stem of the martini glass with a silk ribbon that matches any colour theme from the festivities.


Place a piece of floral foam inside the martini glass and stick fresh or silk flowers into the foam, creating a mound of flowers that rise up from the glass. To hide the foam, you can cover it with cloth, or bury it in glass pebbles inside the martini glass. Experiment with different shapes: You can create a flattened mound of flowers or one that is very tall and spills out of the glass.


For a fun look, fill the martini glasses with colourful candy. Candy corn and candy pumpkins are ideal for Halloween, while red jelly beans and candy hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day. Accentuate the candy by winding ribbons around the stems and scattering small candies on the table around the base of the glass.


Fruit is colourful and can accentuate the colour themes of your celebration. Bright yellow pineapple, red strawberries or orange mango chunks all add a tropical feeling to your gathering. Make sure that the martini glasses are clean and food-safe before you put peeled fruit into them. You may also choose to place whole fruit around the bases. Realistic-looking fake fruit is also available at craft stores and online.

Glass Pebbles

Glass pebbles come in a wide variety of colours. Choose colours that complement your gathering and fill the martini glasses with the pebbles. This creates a glimmering, shiny centrepiece that draws the eye. You can choose to stick with one colour, or pile together several complementary colours.

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