Uses for plasti dip

Updated February 21, 2017

Plasti Dip is a liquid plastic product which you dip or spray onto objects to provide a flexible, but tough, rubbery plastic coating once it hardens. This product comes in a wide variety of colours. You can use Plasti Dip for creative and artistic purposes as well as purely practical and functional ones.

Safe Foam Weapon Toys

For kids (and kids at heart) looking for melee combat play with little risk of injury, create durable soft “weapons” using foam and Plasti Dip. Make the weapons themselves by shaping and gluing pieces of thick foam (such as camping mat foam) to a hard but flexible core such as fibreglass bars (electric fence posts are a good source). Coat the finished foam toy in a thick layer of Plasti-Dip to make it soft, durable and attractive.

Re-Dipped Tools

Perhaps the most well-known use of Plasti Dip is in coating the handles of tools that would otherwise be made of nothing but hard steel, such as hammers, pliers and some scissors. The plastic coating makes the tools easier on the hands, and many tools are sold already dipped. As years go by, however, this coating can wear down even as the metal tools themselves remain in good condition. Make an old tool as good as new and comfortable to use again by cutting and peeling away the old layer of plastic (do this with a craft knife), then dipping the tools again.

Key Handles

If you've got a metal key that's used for a tough or sticky lock, the effort of twisting that key can get pretty tough on your hands. Make this easier by dipping the heads of the keys in Plasti-Dip. Once it dries, the keys will be soft to the touch, but the dip coating will be strong enough to withstand quite a lot of future twisting and turning.

Glasses Earpieces

If a pair of favourite or expensive prescription eyeglasses lose the soft tips on the over-ear portion, replace these with Plasti-Dip to make the metal easy on your ears again. Match the Plasti-Dip colour as closely as you can to the eyeglass design, or just use clear or neutral black or brown dip.

Costume Accessories

Most people interested in high-quality movie props making (or replica making) know that Plasti Dip is a standard ingredient used in the creation of sleek, tough and semi-shiny superhero costumes. Make these by applying Plasti Dip in a thick coat over cloth and foam costumes with muscle-bound shapes. Likewise, make plastic head masks by covering a hockey mask.

Posable Toys

Use thick craft wire (15 gauge or thicker) and Plasti-Dip to make posable parts for a homemade doll or action figure, or create an entire bendy figurine by twisting the wire into a shape like a stick figure, then diping it in Plasti-Dip. Use many layers and multiple colours of dip to give the figure different colours or features like clothing.

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