Fun sleepover games for teen girls

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Fun sleepover games for teen girls
Sleepover games can keep girls having fun all night long. (Two attractive teen girls image by Monika 3 Steps Ahead from

When it comes to sleepovers for teenage girls, think beyond movies and popcorn. There are a lot of games that can be played at sleepovers to keep girls up talking and laughing all night long. Include games that allow the girls to be silly while still incorporating their interests in music, fashion, and other areas.

Dance Off

In pairs, have girls make up dances to a song that all of the party guests love. After all of the dances are presented, the guests vote on who came up with the best dance. For more fun, have the winners teach their dance to everyone else. Prizes such as small pieces of jewellery or make-up can be awarded to the winners and those who have the best coordination or the funkiest dance.

Chubby Bunnies

Using mini-marshmallows, each girl should try and fill her mouth with as many marshmallows as possible. She should then try and say the phrase "chubby bunnies" without spitting out any marshmallows. If she does it successfully, she should try to add more marshmallows and do it again. The girl to fit the most marshmallows in her mouth without spitting any out wins the game.

Blindfolded Makeup Artist

Blindfold a girl and have her put make-up on the face of the person in front of her. Each girl can take a chance being blindfolded and applying make-up on someone else. Once everyone has made over another girl, they can vote to decide who did the best blind make-up job and who did the worst blind make-up job. Have the girls wash their faces and do each other's make up without blindfolds on to see if the same girls are as skilled with make-up when they can actually see what they are doing.

Toilet Paper Fashion

Using roles of toilet paper, pair girls up and have them create the most fashionable outfit they can using only the roll of toilet paper. Each girl in the pair should have her own outfit. Provide items such as tape, rubber bands, paper clips, and scissors to help make the outfits more creative.

Would You Rather?

Give each girl an index card and have her write a question on the card beginning with the phrase "would you rather". For example, "would you rather eat spinach every day for the rest of your life or eat nothing at all?" or "would you rather marry a famous actor or the star of the football team?" Once the girls have written down the questions, place the index cards in a bowl. Girls can take turns pulling a card out the bowl and asking the question to the group.

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