Cute Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Sometimes the best birthday card is homemade. Put your love and attention into a homemade birthday card that will delight a special celebrant. Use old photographs, images from magazines or the Internet, and traditional cute ideas such as animals. The recipient will know how much you put yourself and care into the card.

Birthday Book

Gather photographs of the birthday person to chronicle her life. For example, find a naked baby picture, a first birthday photo, a Christmas picture, school pictures with missing teeth and any photos. Create a journal using the pictures to remind the celebrant that no amount of years can negate what has always been her special feature. Include a more recent photo to punctuate that the journey continues.

Chatting Flowers

Flowers grace many birthday cards. Put a spin on a homemade birthday card filled with chatting flowers. Draw or paste long-stemmed flowers, such as petunias, daffodils, roses or carnations. Draw faces on the flowers with conversation bubbles attached. A conversation might be as follows:

Daffodil: Did you know it's David's birthday?

Petunia: No! Oh I have to get him a gift!

Give each flower a line. They can decide to give the birthday person a bunch of chatty flowers. Open the card to find the gift in a vase on the inside.


Pet lovers find no idea or sight as cute as their own pets. Get a picture or two of the birthday person's pet(s). The more pets, the better, but one pet will do. Especially adorable pet pictures include a pet lying on its back, paws up in the air; a pet staring at its person; and a pet licking itself. If the celebrant has no pets, make a card using images of puppies, kittens and other baby animals.

Bringing It Together

Once you have the idea(s) for your card, pull it together with various supplies. The Making Greeting Cards website suggests using rubber stamps and ink pads, clipart images, and embossing powder (see References). Select paper or cardstock, available at office-supply stores, to coordinate or contrast with image and font colours. Calligraphy pens come in a variety of colours and offer elegant yet simple ways to enhance birthday-card greetings (see Resources). Make envelopes to match the paper.

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