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Updated July 20, 2017

There are a variety of options for professionals looking to find a teaching-related job outside of the actual classroom. Some of these careers involve the student-teacher interactions of teaching, such as tutoring and mentoring. Conversely, other educational jobs remove the relationship aspect of teaching and concentrate instead on other facets of teaching, such as administrative duties or development within an academic discipline.

Education administration

Working in administration for an educational institution is great for professionals who want to work in the education field, but not necessarily the classroom. There are various opportunities for administrative positions within all levels of education. Some administrative positions are more closely linked to academics and students, such as curriculum coordinators or school counsellors, while others relate more to the overall management of the institution, such as finance or operations staff.

Tutoring and coaching

Tutoring and coaching jobs often provide the relational benefits of teaching without the added administrative functions. Tutoring provides the instructor with the opportunity for more individualised consideration and focus on one particular student or subject. Coaching provides the advantage of teaching and witnessing progress of players both on an individual basis and on a team basis.


There are a variety of options available for adults looking to get involved in mentoring. One of the most common ways to become a mentor is with a non-profit organisation related to child development. The nature of mentoring varies based on the goals and perceived needs described by the organisation. For example, some mentors serve as life role models while others have a more specified purpose, such as educational or career mentoring.

Education and child psychology

Professionals interested in teaching may also be interested in working with the broader notion of the educational setting. Educational psychologists examine the education setting as a whole, studying how children of different intellectual capacities learn in varying educational environments. Another teaching-related career within the psychology discipline is that of a child psychologist, in which professionals work with and support children with various psychological disorders.

Textbook writing and publishing

Textbook writing and textbook publishing are two careers that are similar to teaching, yet remove the actual interaction with children. Working with the development and sale of educational resources provides an alternate option for professionals who want to work indirectly with the education field.

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